Getting renewable energy onto the grid has become more complex and difficult than ever. There’s new technology to consider, more developers, growing data, more complex models.

The Interconnection queues keep growing in size with massive numbers of renewable projects, and the processes have stretched to over 5 years — plenty of time for a rapidly changing grid to undercut a project’s viability.

Yet to meet clean energy goals, we need to at least quadruple the amount of renewable energy on the grid.

For developers, it all means that it’s much harder to predict project viability.

For decades, Electric Power Engineers has helped clients successfully manage complex grid processes and energy congestion.

Now the InSights tool applies those decades of know-how to provide the most accurate and up-to-date grid capacity maps and intelligence.

Developers gain a crucial advantage in assessing development sites faster and more accurately than ever, saving time and money.

And a dynamically updated dashboard and congestion forecasting makes it easy for you to know how changes over time may affect your project’s economics, allowing you to be proactive in mitigating risks with potential savings of millions of dollars.

Learn more about how you can protect their investment by using the InSights to see and manage big changes to your project’s viability throughout its lifespan.

Please schedule me for a demo of InSights so I can see how it makes a developer’s job easier: