About Us

ENER-i™ is a suite of software products intended to enable electric network owners and operators to plan and operate their systems seamlessly and empower them to maximize Return on Investment (ROI).

ENER-i™ provides a flexible design, continuously evolving and customizable by energy and utility engineering experts, to create the platform for the application modern holistic approach to planning future power systems.
ENER-i™ was designed by Electric Power Engineers, Inc (EPE), as a response to the flux that utility system planning is experienced with the energy technology revolution.

Such innovative design was only possible through EPE’s advanced energy integration platform & software, built uniquely through active involvement in all lines of business across the energy industry for over 50 years”

Our Team

Hala N. Ballouz, P.E.

Hala N. Ballouz has been a lead consultant in the electric power industry since 1991. She has over 20 years of experience in power systems and energy market.
Ms. Ballouz is also founding partner and director of the Institute of Geotechnics and Materials, International, SARL (IGM), the president of the Texas Renewables Energy Association (TREIA) and currently serves as board member of several organizations. An accomplished industry author and presenter, Ms. Ballouz backs her work with certifications in substation engineering and design as well as wind energy and wind turbines. Additionally, Ms. Ballouz served as an expert witness on resource adequacy and transmission grid reliability in California and provides the same expertise in Texas. She is a registered Professional Engineer in several states as well as other countries.

Tony Cavagnaro, BSEE, MBA, LSSMBB

Chief Operating Officer
Tony Cavagnaro, BSEE, MBA, LSSMBB brings over 30 years of Business Transformational Leadership and specializes in Strategic Planning & Deployment and the implementation of Business Management Systems. Tony is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Back Belt and has successfully coached C-Suite Executives, led cross-functional teams, and has been responsible for the cultural change across fourteen different industries undergoing major transformation.
Additionally, Tony has led numerous organizations in improving their operational/engineering/financial/marketing/human resource/supply-chain efficiencies and was pivotal in those organizations obtaining certification status related to their specific industry/function.

Larry Lassetter

Senior Software Engineer
Larry Lassetter is a Senior Software Engineer with 30 years of experience in the Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Engineering industries. Larry graduated Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1989 and lives in Portland Oregon.

Chase Lansdale

Product Manager
Our lead power system energy focused on the development of our product to meet customer needs and integrate with our partners. Chase’s experience working with electric distribution planners and operators, coupled with technology integration applications bridge the gap between our client’s and the changing energy landscape.



Electric Power Engineers, Inc. (EPE) is a leading global power system engineering and consulting firm headquartered in Austin, Texas, with services covering the entire spectrum of GENERATION, TRANSMISSION and DISTRIBUTION.

EPE provides engineering and consulting services to investor-owned utilities, municipalities, electric cooperatives, energy aggregators, generation and energy storage owners as well as project developers. Our team offers unparalleled expertise in electric power system studies, planning, engineering design, and grid integration in the U.S. & International energy markets.

For over 50 years, EPE distinguishes its services through our advanced energy integration platform & software, built uniquely through active involvement in all lines of business across the energy industry.

Always going beyond the expected, EPE’s team serves as an extension of our clients’, from project concept through completion, developing insightful solutions fueled by intelligence & business acumen, which only our innovative platform can deliver.


Be the leader and innovator in the application of a holistic approach to study, design, and implement an infrastructure that enables an integrated grid of the future.

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